Markéta Magidová is a film director and a visual artist. She works mainly with animated shorts, sculptures, and digital paintings, in the liminal space between physical and virtual. Recently she started experimenting with AI digital sculptures. Her interest lies in exploring human imagination through the perspective of others or coded representations from art history, mostly sculptures. She is interested in fiction, mythology, gender issues, family environment, education, and pop culture.

Interview at Ludwig Museum Budapest

Interjú Markéta Magidová-val | A cukiság faktor


Review from Jiří Machalický

Sladká planeta není až tak sladká. 


Review from Anna Fremrová

Radost útočí! 


Text from Lýdia Pribišová (from the Kunsthalle Praha Collection: 50 Highlights)

Postponed Celebration

Interview with Barbora Kundračíková



Text from Jitka Hlaváčková (from the catalog accompanying the exhibition Divination from a Night Sky Partially Obscured by Clouds)

Stone Moment


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Releasing Spell


Text from Caroline Krzyszton

Loop Infinity Down to Side 


Text from Gauthier Lesturgie 

A Look behind the Grid


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Tertium non datur


Text from Anna Remešová

Markéta Magidová